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4 Key Elements For A Successful Logo Design

4 key elements you might want to consider for a successful logo design

How many times have we said, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’? And yet somehow almost every single time when we’re just about to make a purchase for a book, somewhere in the back of our mind, the cover page of the book influences our final decision. Have you ever experienced that?

The same goes for your business. The company logo is that cover page of your business book which provides a visual image to the customer, of what the book is going to be like.

So what exactly is a successful logo design? A logo design is not simply just elements put together. It’s a skilled art of balancing the correct usage of colours, text and design that represent your company as a whole. Through the company logo, your business should be able to give that vibe which explains the customer what your company is all about. 

For example, say your business is about digital marketing and your logo simply just says so in text. Imagine how boring and visually unattractive that would be. Now instead, if you add an element, say a search icon, with an ‘e’ for E-business along with the right combination of colours, how cool would that look, right? (Check out our logo)

The vibe that you give here is very crucial for your business since it helps you create your brand’s visual identity. Here are 4 key elements you might want to consider for a successful logo design:


‘Less is more.’ You don’t need a fancy, over the top look to make your business look professional; all you need is simplicity to make it look elegant. Let us take an example of the popular brand Nike. If you take a look at its logo it’s nothing out of extraordinary but it sure looks neat, sends a clear message and mostly importantly, catches one’s attention. This is what a simple tick below the brand name can do to your business. 


First impressions last forever. A half eaten apple on the wall is likely to grab your attention rather than a text that simply just says ‘Apple’. The logo should be such that its aspects make it more memorable. Studies show that people are likely to retain information when they see images that are witty, creative, unique and easily recognizable. Therefore, it is very important to be unique while creating logo design but also keeping the simplicity aspect in mind.


No one likes change, be it in their lives or their business. Changing the already existing logo design for your business might get a little challenging since you’ve been building your brand with that logo ever since you started. Therefore, the very basic and essential tip while creating a logo design for the first time is to make it timeless. The design for the logo must be adaptable to all ages.


Through your logo, you must be able to convey what your business is all about. For example, Flipkart has done an amazing job with its logo. The yellow shopping bag (also  a shopping cart) in the background indicates that it’s a shopping site. Did you notice how simple the logo design is? And yet it still conveys the correct message to its target audience. Having a descriptive logo, benefits your business as you are able to incorporate your company beliefs, what you do and key factors of your business, in the logo design.

Creating a logo design is anything but easy. It requires a lot of research and creativity to create a perfect logo for the right target audience. Each and every brand is unique in its own way and therefore it requires a different approach for different businesses to create a good logo design. But don’t worry Finden’s very talented and professional graphic designers are here to help you with the same!

Check out our portfolio to get a better understanding of how a successful logo design looks like. (Click here)

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