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4 Reasons For Revamping Your Old Website

4 Reasons For Revamping Your Old Website

‘Old is gold.’ It seems only yesterday when you must have heard this phrase from the teachers in your high school. Since then, the world has moved on, the date on the calendar has changed and the internet has evolved eventually. From this, we can establish one thing that, ‘Change’ is the only constant thing in this world and probably the only way for your business to survive in the market.

Whilst holding on to your ‘old and golden’ website might seem like a good idea for saving on costs right now but it might actually cost you millions of worth of business in the future.

Confused? Let me explain.

These days, customers look for professionalism and high brand quality when they are searching the perfect company to handle their business. Now let’s face the fact that no company is perfect in itself but the crux of the matter does not lie here. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company office is; what matters today is the impression that you make on your customers digitally when they visit your website for the first time. Hence proving the famous quote, “First impression is the last impression.”

Whist the world (and your inner self-doubted voice) might give you a thousand reasons not to revamp your website, Finden provides you with some reasons on why should you opt for revamping your old website:


Creation of a website isn’t that big of a deal but maintaining it and making sure that it works on every gadget is. Many entrepreneurs overlook this very obvious reason which then ultimately costs you potential clients. The most commonly used devices or gadgets today are Mobile phones, Desktops and Tablets. Revamping your old website will mainly fix the bugs and make sure that your website doesn’t take too long to load and thereby making it responsive on the above mentioned gadgets.


If you feel like your old website is enough to beat the heat of competition in the market, then you need to think twice. With emerging technologies and the hunger for being ranked digitally at the top of the lists has made businesses constantly change their strategies. Often entrepreneurs update their websites for better user experience.

A user friendly website is called the one when the user is able to easily navigate through it. This improves user experience overall and makes your website more approachable.


Another one of the reasons for revamping is giving a new look. It’s necessary to grow with your company as the years pass by. It’s not only the quality of products or services that should improve over the years but also a fresh new look will your business the edge it needs to survive in the market. Despite having a website, revamping it in a way to look elegant will create a professional image and increase your credibility virtually.


Adding new products, services or portfolios of the new projects that your company has worked on is like a cherry on top. It’s necessary to keep your website updated at all times. Customers prefer companies that showcase their latest projects over the companies that have previously worked on something. It also gives out an impression that you are in touch with the trends in the market.

In order to keep up with the fierce competition, revamping acts as the knight in shining armour for your business. The implementation process of revamping is not as difficult as to take the decision to revamp in the first place. When chosen wisely, redesigning your old website would definitely bring in results for your business in a positive way.

The cost of revamping will always be less than the cost of losing potential clients for your business. So choose wisely and take your chances.

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