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5 Key Factors to consider while building a Website for your Business.

5 Key Factors to consider while building a Website for your Business.

Building a website for your business is a very important aspect and is an experience in itself. From functionality to appearance to security, all these aspects are important to look at. While you may consider building website all by yourself, hiring an expert for this might be a good solution. The pressure can be high, and it tends to get confusing. So, we have highlighted 5 key factors that one should consider while developing a website.

1. Selecting a domain: The domain name should reflect your brand’s identity and at the same time should be easy to remember. Finding and choosing the right name for your brand is vital especially while incorporating a combination of SEO and brand identity. Having a simple spelling will provide a higher chance of being visible in search results. That being said, brands that are easily accessible online gets good amount of traffic and leads to more lead generation.

2.  Selecting the right hosting: Website hosting is like the rental space that you have for your business except that it is on the internet. It is where the files, information and content that you create for the website exists. These files are stored in a remote computer which is known as the host. It is essential for you to choose a reliable and a good hosting. There are many sites available where you can select hosting packages for your website and it might get confusing to choose the right one. While comparing the hosting provider, make sure to check if they operate in your home country and have 24×7 customer support available.
The next thing to look out for is the nature of your business and the website. Is the website informative or e-commerce with a lot of products? What kind of traffic is expected on the website? Will the website have lots of high resolution images and videos? It is important to look at the backup, security and additional features offered by the hosting provider. It is a good practice to look at the reviews on the company’s site or social media before taking the final decision. If all of this is difficult to look into, you can always ask the expert.

3. Website security: It is a very critical aspect if your business has a website which collects confidential user data like personal information, card details, etc. Moreover, users find those sites starting with https: (secured site), to be safer while navigating or making an online transaction.  It is seen that sites having financial gains are the prime suspects for hacking activities. So it is very important for a business to have their website secured. At the least consider purchasing a SSL certificate from the hosting provider. Like hosting packages, there are several SSL certificates in the market.  Depending on the nature of your business, select the certificate that suits well and reach out to experts for integrating it on the website.

4. Content: It is not only important to provide information about your business but also important to drive traffic using the right keywords. It is a potential tool for building a brand, a customer base and generating leads. Content strategy plays a huge role in making you stand out from the competition. Do adequate research and planning, deploy content and SEO strategies, as building quality links is a good way to improve search engine rankings. For more information, reach out to us.

5. Brainstorming Design: One of the most important things to remember while developing the website or when hiring a developer, is to work on the layout and planning the design aspects. Structuring the wireframe is essential and share the design references so that the developer can understand your design preferences. A quality design is easy to navigate and offers good user experience.

We hope the above mentioned points help in understanding the factors you should consider for building
a website for your business. For professional assistance, you can reach out to Finden Go Digital, we will help you with building your business’s digital presence.

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