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6 Features to consider while planning for a Grocery App.

The world we are living in is now changing faster than ever, be it good or bad. Innovation has become a necessity and is changing the way people live their lives. Fortunately, with increased internet usage and technology we can now order many things online while sitting at home. Most cities are under lockdown, which has delayed logistics overall, but we can still order essential products online at a click of a button. Mobile Apps and E-commerce websites are not only focusing on food, clothing, skincare products, medicines but also groceries. With increasing demand for online shopping and delivery from local Kirana stores and Mom-Pop grocery stores through mobile app, we at Finden Go Digital have compiled a list on what we feel are important features to consider while planning and developing a Grocery Mobile Application:

Easy Sign up process: This is the most important feature since it involves customers interacting with your brand for the first time. So, the sign up/registration process should be simple, easy to understand and user-friendly. As most of us having a social media presence, offering users with a choice of registering via social media accounts will further simplify the process. Other options for registration can be email address or phone number. A quicker and easier process is better for the user to register on the app and go ahead with placing the order.

Simple navigation or user flow: The online shopping process can be confusing for some users. So, it is better to keep the user interface (UI) simple and easy to understand like using clear images and texts, a search bar, add to cart buttons, etc. A good UI and a smooth flow from one page to another helps in faster conversions and repeat purchases.

Text-based grocery items list: The app should be easy to use and intuitive. Having features like a text-based list that allows users to easily edit their lists just by using text. Users will be able to easily add or delete items while on the move and using any electronic device.

Easy to use Cart: The ‘Add to cart’ button should be clearly visible. It is important that user finds the process simple to operate so that they don’t lose interest. The ‘Add to cart’ feature not only allows customers to add products to their carts at one go but also allows them to add more items to their cart. This indirectly encourages them to browse for more products using the one click add to cart functionality. Apart from this, all required information for the user should be displayed during the check-out process to enable users to cross check before the final purchase.

Widely acceptable payment gateways: This is the last step in the check-out process, and it is vital to showcase third party payment providers that are widely accepted. For example, CC Avenue and PayPal are the common ones which accepts cards, net-banking and UPIs.

Real Time or other tracking methods: Delivery tracking is an indispensable aspect of the online shopping experience. Ordering something online only gets completed when the product is delivered at the doorstep on time. Customers should get the delivery details instantly. It could be through real time tracking or other methods like email and SMS updates on the delivery status. This feature will enable the customer to track and follow-up on their order with ease, from the time it is placed till the time it gets delivered. It also builds trust of the customers for the brand and will ensure repeat purchases.

 Having listed out the above features, it can be difficult to decide on how to proceed ahead. A ready-made mobile app is the answer to all your queries if you are new to this.

We, at Finden, have come up with a budget and time friendly, template-based solutions for Mobile Applications for Grocery and Retail shop owners. Get in touch with us to know more!

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