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How a Surat-based artist turned her hobby into a Digital Art Gallery in this lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses hard, leading to people losing their businesses and leading to shutting down businesses.

Despite the downturn, some people have decided to adapt to this situation, seeking the opportunity, and taking the brave step of starting a business.

JD Creator’s Lane is an example of a person following the passion and turning into a business. Jalak Desai is a Pharmacologist by profession and an Artist by heart. During this lockdown period, got to know her real-self and that’s when she felt that creating paintings not only gives her happiness but also gives an inner sense of achievement and purpose in life. Let us hear her story in her own words,

Finden: How is the pandemic situation in your city now?

Jalak: I am from Surat (Gujarat), and the pandemic situation in my city is going to be Critical considering the casual approach of people during the festive season.

Finden: How did Covid affect you career-wise? If any.

Jalak: I am a pharmacologist but before Covid, I was a Homemaker. Covid brought our family together. We spent almost 2 months completely with family and that’s when I started drawing, sketching, and painting in my free time. The first painting which I created was on Covid Pandemic Situation and how our frontline workers were fighting for us. I created that to bring awareness to society. Later on, my painting skills were further enhanced by learning new stuff in 2 months on the basis of which I successfully executed 2 major painting orders for family friends which brought self-confidence in me and gave a new direction/goal to my life. So from a career point of view, it was a complete shift from profession to passion.

Finden: What business/art do you do?

Jalak: I make Abstract Paintings, Buddha Paintings, Indian Folk, still life, and Customized Portraits. But my forte will always remain abstract paintings because when I start creating them, I get completely engrossed in it by my heart and soul. The most difficult part with me is that I don’t leave any painting unfinished because I know the sag behind the unfinished work.

Finden: What was your turning point which led you to do this business/art?

Jalak: “COVID-19 PANDEMIC” was the turning point of my life because that’s when I found the real me. I got time to spend with my family and also for nurturing my art. I started learning new things every day and publishing it on social media. The first painting on Frontline Workers fighting for us in pandemic got a great response and that’s when I felt that I needed to do something to bring a change in society through my art. It might be communicating an important message or learning, bringing back the hidden art forms of the Indian Heritage.

Finden: What challenges did you face initially in your business/art?

Jalak: I am an Artist who’s forte is Abstract Art and when I get customer orders to imitate and recreate their portraits from photographs or create Pichwai Art, I felt it very challenging since creating them requires time, dedication, attention, and peace of mind.’

Finden: How did you take care of your operational expenses during the lockdown?

Jalak: During Lockdown all our entertainment and miscellaneous expenses stopped and by saving them, I got to manage the operational expense. My husband is the one who is best in managing the finances and I was always asked to focus on my art and he would be managing the rest.

Finden: How was the consumer behaviour towards your product/service?

Jalak: There are two categories of consumers for my business. One type of consumer is who wants to make selections from the available Paintings so we have different category paintings in different sizes to cater to that category. Another type of consumer is who wants to get the paintings created as per their customized requirements and that is always a challenging task. For such consumers, I always take an in between opinion so that they would always have a feel in the complete process and that would build confidence in them. The feedback that I have got till now from my consumers whom I have catered is that they loved my Artwork and would always suggest their closed ones for JD Creators Lane.

Finden: As your business/art has gathered some momentum now what are your friends/colleagues/family’s reaction towards your work now?

Jalak: After setting up my brand “JD CREATORS LANE”, my friends and family have always been my critics and motivators at the same time. In society, I feel that I am creating my own space as an artist. My Family is very happy for me since I am living my dream of building my own brand and IN-LAWS are very much proud of my achievements. I regularly get calls and messages from near and dear ones appreciating different paintings and my work.

Finden: What are your business/art plans for 2021 when the pandemic gets completely over?

Jalak: Once the pandemic is over; I want to have my own Art Gallery by 2022 where I can showcase different Art Forms from the rich Indian Culture and also showcase my best creations to the world.

To know more about Jalak’s artwork check out her website.

That was her story, a journey from being a pharmacologist to an aspiring artist! If you are one like her, do share your story with us and we will make sure to share your story with our readers and help them get inspiration in their lives.

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