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6 Key Pointers for every business to implement during COVID 19

6 Key Pointers for every business to implement during COVID 19
  1. Be visible: As most of us are staying indoors and working from home, the time spent online for various activities has considerably increased. The extended lockdown period along with additional restrictions on business operations, is a huge limitation for most of us but there are people still looking out for brands. In times like these, if brands aren’t active on social media platforms and engaging with their audience then they are at a loss.
  2. Update content regularly: Utilize your time effectively and efficiently to update content on online platforms. Focus on branding, website updates, portfolio making and creating engaging content for social media.
  3. Diversify your services: It is unfortunate that we are experiencing difficult times, hence it is essential to innovate and adapt to new changes. Think of innovative ways to diversify your brand which can be beneficial for the market. It may not necessarily work out as you intended but venturing into uncharted territories and learning from it is always valued for any business.
  4. Engage with your audience: It is important to engage with your audience through email, online chats or social media. Keep them regularly updated on operational changes, provide engaging content to help them stay informed. It is also important to engage with your clients’ request on a personal level and find a suitable solution for it. Build a community, to enable people to reach out, so that they have a sense of belonging.
  5. Focus more on brand awareness: It can be content creation for organic posting, making ad campaigns for lead generation or building brand awareness through search engine optimisation. As some markets are reopening, the buying cycle will increase and as a brand you should be visible to them.
  6. Social Responsibility: In addition to the above points, it is important for businesses to engage themselves and encourage others to be a part of social causes by helping the unprivileged in and around your community. Assistance can be either through financial means or non-financially like volunteering. Ensure to extend your help to people in need during dire circumstances. As a Brand, you have the power to influence others to do well and use that power wisely.

We hope these points help in shaping up your business a bit during the Covid 19 phase. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance.

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