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Online learning was earlier considered to be the future, but with the ongoing pandemic, it has become the present.

Online learning was earlier considered to be the future, but with the ongoing pandemic, it has become the present.

While most cities continue to be under lockdown, we thought of interviewing Entrepreneurs to know more about their business and how they are tackling the situation. Here is Ed-Tech Startup Eduraion’s story: 

Eduraion is an ed-tech startup that provides online supplementary as well as certification courses for students. They also provide learning content and SaaS based solutions like Virtual Classroom, and Learning Management Systems for schools, colleges, and institutions.

Chintan Shah, the founder of Eduraion, began his journey into entrepreneurship after completing his graduation in BE(IT) from Mumbai University. Having personally experienced the grimes of engineering students who had to commute 6 hrs a day, to first reach college then attend classes in the other part of the city and eventually return home late in the night, he started his own venture primarily to solve this problem, through the use of technology and to provide online courses curated by some of the reputed names in the field. Here’s what he has to say about pandemic and it’s consequences:
Finden: How is your city dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?
Chintan: The situation is tough in Mumbai especially with a large population that resides in the city, more and more number of cases are getting registered in the city daily but the Municipal Authorities, healthcare staff, police personnel and the concerned authorities are trying their level best to ensure we face less trouble in these challenging times.
Finden: To what extent has your work been affected due to this situation?
Chintan: We being a tech start-up, our focus has always been on doing business online. Luckily the overall business has not been affected by the current situation but the challenges in terms of competitors in the field has increased rapidly.
Finden: How are you managing to work from home? Has it been challenging for you? How is technology playing a role to help you through this phase?
Chintan: Our entire business depends mainly on the use of technology. The internet has helped people and businesses come together in these times of crisis. Working remotely has never been a problem as we have different teams located in different parts of the country and they use technology to work and collaborate on various models.
Finden: Are you currently facing any obstacles pertaining to your business? If yes, do you intend to diversify to deal with the ongoing pandemic? (Example: Distilleries manufacturing hand sanitizers, fashion studios coming up with face masks, logistics companies coming up with home delivery solutions, etc.) 
Chintan: Online learning on the contrary is becoming more popular because of the current situation. Schools, colleges and coaching institutes are unable to take classes and are looking at other options to continue their operations. This has given a huge boost to e-learning content providers like us.
Finden: How do you keep yourself motivated during such times? We would love if you could share some tips with us! 
Chintan: I have always been a foodie but never really knew how to cook and considering the current situation since it is difficult to go out, I have started cooking my favorite dishes at home and that has been a motivation and a stress buster. There is already a lot of negativity going on outside, so it is important to remain positive and spread that positivity with your near and dear ones.
Finden: Have you been observing any changes in the trends specific to your industry? Is/are there any particular one(s) that has proved helpful for you and your business?
Chintan: Industries and businesses are changing on a daily basis so it has become very important to evolve with the changing trends and aspects. Online learning was earlier considered to be the future, but with the ongoing pandemic, the future has arrived and online learning has become the present.
To know more about Eduraion and their services check out their website.

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