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People are moving towards the New Normal like Doing Game Nights, Events, Parties, DJ Sessions online!

Virtual concerts, game nights are done during quarantine

Like other industries, the event industry has also been hit with a complete shutdown during this pandemic. We got a chance to interview Joe Mohan aka Voice Guy Joe. He is known for his work as an MC/ Presenter/ Host/ Voice Artist for various event shows and brands across the UAE.

Here’s what he has to say:

Finden: What is the situation in your city in regards to Covid-19 pandemic?

Voice Guy Joe: Things are getting better now. Lockdown still continues, however, certain areas in the UAE have been opened up. The government here has been very supportive and proactive which is great. They have also given relaxation on various expenses which has surely been helpful.

Finden: How has the pandemic affected your personal and professional life?

Voice Guy Joe: It has disrupted the entire professional life since I am into events and the income is down to 15% in the past 3 months. This has directly affected the personal life as well. Positive effects have been that I am more connected and closer to my family and friends, than before as we get to interact with each other more often, almost on a daily basis. This was not the case when I was doing back to back events almost every day, before Covid19 Pandemic. 

Finden: How are you managing to work from home? Has it been challenging for you?

Voice Guy Joe: I am managing with a few handful assignments via Zoom, through which I am staying visible. It has been absolutely challenging, as there are ZERO face-to-face events happening.

Finden: With events being cancelled, have you thought about any alternatives? Share with us some of your current projects.

Voice Guy Joe: I have been doing Game Nights via ZOOM since last 9 weeks i.e. Housie Nights, Quiz NIghts and also Few Musical Concerts, with the help of a few friends and well-wishers.

Finden: How do you keep yourself motivated during such times? To what extent has technology helped you through these times? We would love if you could share some tips with us!

Voice Guy Joe: Technology has certainly been the only thing that has made it possible for me to stay visible and active during the lockdown. I have been using a Paid Version of ZOOM app for online meetings, and also have upgraded my data pack, as this is the only way to stay connected, while at home.

Finden: Have you been observing any changes in the trends specific to your industry? Is/are there any particular one(s) that has proved helpful for you and your business?

Voice Guy Joe: Now since the last few weeks I have seen more and more people moving towards the New Normal “Doing Game Nights, Events, Parties, DJ Sessions, via Zoom”. I can happily say that I have been one of the very few who started this trend in the UAE, around 9-10 weeks back.

Finden: What do you think is the future of the industry that you represent?

Voice Guy Joe: Very Unsure of this aspect, of course lives have changed and we will be back to the old normal but not entirely. I feel, our lives especially the event professionals, will never be exactly the same. We need to adapt and evolve, at the earliest, if we have to survive. 

To know more about Joe and his works @Facebook @Instagram

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