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Seeing an increased aversion towards international brands is proving beneficial for Indian brands.

Seeing an increased aversion towards international brands is proving beneficial for Indian brands.

We had a chance to interview Saharsh Bhushan, Director of Bhushan Corp Private Limited with the aim of understanding how his company in Patna, Bihar is coping up during the pandemic. Check out what he has shared with us!

I am the second generation in Bhushan Corp Private Limited, a 35 year old company which has been in the business of trading industrial equipment. My parents started in organisation with a sheer passion of improving employment scenarios in Bihar. We sell Pumps (industrial & Domestic), Air Compressors, Process Chemicals, Garage Automation Equipment etc. We always had the liberty to choose the best products with latest technology from the market and make it available to our end customers. This way, they look at us more as a solutions provider than just another trading company. Over the years we have been bringing the best products to industries in Bihar & Nepal and taking up turnkey projects for partnering with our customers and helping them in converting their imagination into reality.

Finden: How is your city dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic?

Saharsh: Patna is in Red Zone and my locality is a Containment Zone. And in such dire situation, we chose safety of our team over business and kept ourselves locked in our houses. The local administration has been very strict, all shops were shut till two three days back. Now slowly things have started moving.

Finden: To what extent has your work been affected due to this situation?

Saharsh: It has been greatly affected. Human interaction is almost unavoidable for all of our business verticals. As a result, during the days of total lockdown, we could hardly do anything. There were some emergency cases in few dairies, rice mills, sugar mills (manufacturing Sanitizers) etc where our team was allowed to work under special passes for essential services from the state government.

Finden: How are you managing to work from home? Has it been challenging for you? And how is technology playing a role to help you through this phase?

Saharsh: A major chunk of our operations involves human interaction. Industries or Agriculturists buying from us often need physical touch and feel of the machines / equipment. Often our Sales people also have to visit the sites to find out the best suitable equipment. The same goes with our Service Team. We have a good foot fall at our office everyday too. Given these realities of our work, we had only one option – to stay shut.

Finden: Are you currently facing any obstacles pertaining to your business? If yes, do you intend to diversify to deal with the ongoing pandemic?

Saharsh:  One of the major obstacles is the sudden fall in demand. We were proactive to identify the shift in demand – where on one side the new investments were getting delayed, on the other side, people now prefer to invest in sanitisation related equipment. As a result, we have are testing the market with Heavy Vehicle Sanitising Equipment.

Finden: How do you keep yourself motivated during such times? We would love if you could share some tips with us!

Saharsh: The central idea of our organisation has always been to create employment. We focus a lot on the well-being of our colleagues. For a company of our size, we invest close to 40% of our profits in employee welfare in different forms. For the first time in the history of our organisation we had to disburse salaries in two installments. This was shocking for me. The fear of having to let go few of our valued employees in such times makes me run towards achieving my goals.

Finden: Have you been observing any changes in the trends specific to your industry? Is/are there any particular one(s) that has proved helpful for you and your business?

Saharsh: We are seeing an increased aversion to buy international brands, especially those from China. This is proving beneficial for us because most of the brands we are associated with are Indian brands which have gone global.

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