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Tips For An Outstanding E-commerce Website

Tips For An Outstanding E-Commerce Website
  1. Keep it simple: The website should communicate simplicity, instead of having many banner ads, pop-ups, colours etc., that can possibly distract the user thereby making it an obstacle for closing sales.
  2. Branding is essential: No one would like to purchase products/services from a faceless brand. Trust is paramount and is ideally gained through adequate brand knowledge.
  3. User experience: Ease of navigation, organised products to help users find what they need in the right category, easy check out process, etc. are vital for a hassle free shopping experience. 
  4. Use high quality image: No one will buy products listed with no images. Moreover, professionally shot images using different angles goes a long way in building confidence and trust towards the brand. 
  5. Colours are vital: Colours are responsible for bringing out emotions and one must choose them wisely. For example, call to action buttons like buy now, add to cart, etc. should stand out. If your products have vibrant colours, then make sure to use subtle colours for the background so that they are easily noticeable.
  6. Reviews are important: Customer reviews are essential for an e-commerce website especially for building trust among customers. By adding ratings and reviews section in the product page, customers can read them and share their feedback. This will make the website trustworthy. Both positive and negative reviews will be helpful in further improving the products and services. 
  7. Be professional: When you are asking users to purchase products or services from your website, you are also asking them to share sensitive information like credit cards details and bank information. It is important that the website is secured and safe to do online transaction and is fully functional for example, no links are broken or there is no error while navigating to other pages. 

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