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Tips on adapting your business for social distancing

Tips on adapting your business for social distancing
As the country is headed for another lockdown extension, here are some tips that could help your business get adapted to social distancing. 
  • Inform and educate people about social distancing: Social distancing measures are being discussed every now and then. However, it is important to inform and educate people about the same on a constant basis. Put out sign boards in common areas, elevators, public bathrooms, etc. so it is visible to everyone and they are made aware of it. 
  • Avoid physical contact: It is important to make operations ‘contact-free’ wherever possible. For example, when delivering food or groceries, ensure to place the basket/crate at the entrance of the house instead of handing it out to the person directly.
  • Work remotely and maintain flexible schedules: Lockdown has been extended in some cities while it has been relaxed in other cities. Make sure to act safe and responsible to stop the spread. Ask employees to work from home whenever possible and introduce a flexible working schedule so that a work-life balance can be maintained. 
  • Focus on training people to use technology: Train your employees to get used to live streams, online calls and other virtual modes of communication. While many are accustomed to it, it is important to train those who haven’t been exposed to the same. 
  • Maintain basic hygiene and disinfect areas: This should be practiced at all times. Exposed surfaces that are used often should be disinfected at regular intervals, which includes elevator buttons, serving dishes, cash counters at the retail shops, etc. 
  • Go cashless wherever available: Reducing the use of physical cash and promoting cashless payment methods like debit/credit card, UPI, wallets etc., is a good way to control the spread. 
  • Use more online services: For training, fitness sessions, meetings, celebrations etc., going the online way is the new normal and should be used more often especially now. 
  • Arrange a system for smooth operation: It is important to put a process in place with social distancing measures like creating time slots to stagger the flow of customers. 

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