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Top SEO trends for 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool or a process to increase the relevancy in terms of amount and type of traffic to a website through organic ways. There are various levels involved in making an effective SEO strategy for a website.

SEO has different elements in it, and it is vital to know those elements which makes us understand the importance of SEO better. SEO is important because it makes your website recognised among its relevant users which leads to high traffic rate and also to generate high number of leads. 

Google is progressive in optimising its algorithm, so every website owner had to come up with new strategies to make the website’s foundation better in every possible way. 

Following this, every business tries different strategies that can help their website gain relevant traffic. 

So here we are sharing some Top SEO trends for 2021

  1. Artificial Intelligence will have a vital role in SEO.
  2. Now search rankings would be impacted by mobile websites. 
  3. Image Optimization will play an important role in searching. 
  4. Featured Snippets will turn the game of SEO.
  5. Predictive Search is going to improve with the help of AI.
  6. Local Search Listings and SEO will grow larger.
  7. Google will dig deep to satisfy intent of the user 

1. Artificial Intelligence will have a vital role in SEO:

Google has been successful in using AI to simplify queries and search results of its users. So, Google started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called RankBrain in 2015 which led to it using  BERT in 2019. Now in the year 2020 BERT, has been used to its full potential within a year of its launch that helps in search engine results according to Google’s ranking factors. 

And as years pass by, AI will improve and will make it a top trend to watch. 

For instance, Google Assistant makes use of AI for machine learning to learn the behaviour of its users to come as close as possible to the person’s search intent and provide personalised services. 

2. Now search rankings would be impacted by mobile websites. 

In the year 2019, Google introduced the term ‘mobile first indexing’, which means that the rankings of websites would now be considered from mobile websites as mobile being made the primary version instead of desktop or pc version. This decision took place because around 70% of traffic is solely generated by mobile users and by the year 2025 it is going to be increasing to 80% and above.

So every business must also consider mobile websites to be as important as the desktop version. 

3. Image Optimization will play an important role in searching

Now every person has a smartphone with good cameras, which has increased the use of images in every bit of our lives. Even people take photos of documents or products to get the information or details with help of apps like Google Lens. 

This has given rise to image search as people are using images to buy products, get information, and much more. Google has also considered this and has marked it in their long term plan. 

So, optimize your images before uploading it to your website properly as use proper names to the images and make proper use of alt tags so that Google recognizes your images effectively which eventually helps you to increase the SEO of your website. 

4. Featured Snippets will turn the game of SEO 

A featured snippet is a part of structured data that is being displayed on the Google page when we search for anything on it. These were introduced in 2017. It is a shortcut to gain prominence on the Google search engine. When you type something into the search bar, you may see a box at the top of the results page, that’s what a snippet is. 

These attract a lot of attention from other search results as it is displayed at the very top of the results page. 

So, to create snippets, try to focus on question-based queries and relevant keywords. That would definitely help to increase the traffic on the website. 

5. Predictive Search is going to improve with help of AI 

Discover, an AI-driven tool introduced by Google for a new kind of search that doesn’t require a full user search text. This content recommendation tool identifies the user’s search behaviour and inputs in its machine learning. And with this information, it identifies the most accurate content which favours the user’s search text. 

So it’s a better time to optimise the SEO according to the relevant keywords so that it would help recognise the website into Google’s algorithm. 

6. Local Search Listings and SEO will grow larger 

Most people use Google search to find local goods and services. They might be looking for a neighborhood restaurant or a specialized shop near them. Here Google is happy to supply the tool named Google My Business (GMB) listings where businesses can now publish posts, answer questions, add products and services, offer reservations, and set up messaging, all from their listings. These listings are so advanced that the searchers barely need to visit the actual websites.

This also favors the initiatives set up by our government like, Atmanirbhar Bharat, and Vocal for Local which helps small and medium scaled local businesses to grow to utmost lengths and thrive between the global competition.

So, create a Google My Business page with relevant links for your business. And reap the results through the means of traffic on your website. 

7. Google will dig deep to satisfy intent of the user 

Google can now fetch not just pages, but small pieces of pages to get close to the intent of the searcher. If I want to know an answer to a simple question, Google will pull up the exact paragraph answering my question in the form of snippets so I don’t need to visit any website. It can also fetch similar sentences from the whole text to meet the intent. 

This means that the results would load much faster and the overall process is going to be easy and reliable. So from an SEO standpoint, more queries would be answered which would help gain traffic to your website. 

This denotes that now content would be as important as SEO which was not before introduction to these tools and services. So focus more on the right content and use of tools that would be helpful for your website. 

We hope this article helps you to make a better strategy for your business and its purpose to help grow traffic on your website. To know more feel free to reach out to us.

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