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World is coming up with new designs, technologies and ways to help those who are affected by COVID-19 and those on the front line

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What drew our attention to Bhushan Powar were his impeccable and sleek Yacht designs. A Digital Designer by profession and founder of first Yacht designing studio in India. He was the Runner Up for the ‘A-Design Award’ 2017-18 in Yacht and Marine Design Category. He also received an award for the ‘Best Environment Composition’ at a master-class held by STUDIO CLOCK WORK Mumbai for his expertise in Mental Ray at V-Ray VFX AND ANIMATION DAY 2017 held in Mumbai.

We got a chance to interview him about his startup and how pandemic has affected his work as well the industry. Here’s what he has to share:

Finden: How is your city dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic?

Bhushan: The state of Goa is handling the situation very well and trying to do the best for Goans. Most of the patients tested positive either have a recent travel history or came from other districts especially the red zone areas. 

Finden: To what extent has your work been affected due to this situation? 

Bhushan: Being a startup, we have not been affected much unlike other businesses. We are still making our presence felt in the yachting industry. We had a couple of yacht shows lined up for our business meets but unfortunately, they had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. Apart from this we are quite stable.

Finden: How are you managing to work from home? Has it been challenging for you

Bhushan: Work from home has in fact been good so far, since all major business operations in the design world are getting done through the internet. It is a great opportunity for us to share our work with clients and by showcasing virtual yachts shows, it has given us a wide spectrum to create a foundation and increase our business.  It also helps us to connect with people having different levels of expertise. 

Finden: Have you been observing any changes in the trends specific to your industry? Is/are there any particular one(s) that has proved helpful for you and your business?

Bhushan: Since climate change is playing an important role in the future, the new trend in the yacht industry is to design yachts that will be operated using clean fuel which is not harmful for the environment. This gives us a chance to develop new technologies and systems that would in turn benefit the studio also enable us to stand out in the crowd since we are currently the first and the only yacht design studio in India. 

Finden: Are you currently facing any obstacles pertaining to your business? If yes, do you intend to diversify to deal with the ongoing pandemic?

Bhushan: As I was stuck in Bangalore for three months, it was hard from me produce new work since my studio is based in Goa. We are however in the process of producing affordable face shields for the people of Goa and for the those working on the front line. The logistics has been hit, as the machines needed to manufacture these face shields are taking too long to reach our facility.

Finden: How do you keep yourself motivated during such times? We would love if you could share some tips with us!

Bhushan: Well, it has been very interesting as the design world is coming up with new designs, technologies and ways to help those who are affected by COVID-19 and those on the front line. For the past few weeks we are trying to come up with new plans which will be helpful to deal with the pandemic. We feel that this is also an opportunity for us to create something valuable for the community and get recognized all around the world.

Finden: You mentioned about being the only yacht designing studio in India. We believe that this will be an inspiration for many students. What is your advice for them? What are the things that they should focus on to be a part of this industry?

Bhushan: Students who are keen on entering this industry should know that this is a very niche field. You have to be patient and passionate towards yacht designing. Your designs should stand out against all extremities. This requires keeping up to date with the latest design trends and technologies used around the world. These designs can be used as an inspiration and a benchmark for your own work. In addition, doing internships in studios will help you gain more knowledge and experience. You should also develop a taste for luxury as our clients are majorly well to do and have high expectations. Work hard and follow your dreams and you will get what you want.

To know more about Bhushan Powar Design visit: @Facebook @Instagram

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